Friday, April 21, 2006

Banana Milkshake Choco Koala

These are apparently a very limited flavour run from the popular Choco Koala range. Beyond that, Google tells me nothing about these biscuits. A perusal of the pack also tells me very little as I can't read Japanese. There is a logo declaring "Save the Koala - Australian Koala Foundation" which seems odd. I mean, I understand the Koala connection but these are only sold in Japan. Perhaps the Japanese have a particularly altruistic attitude towards the indigenous species of other countries?

The biscuits themselves are quite nice. There's banana cream filling inside a nice light crunchy shell. Each one is shaped like, and has a print of a Koala on it. The taste is quite artificial, but it is very similar to the last banana milkshake I had. I'm quite partial to banana flavoured stuff and these were a winner with me. Nice box, tasty biscuits and a socially conscious message.

Check out Save The Koala's website here.


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