Sunday, April 09, 2006

Complimentary Jelly Beans

My wife stays in hotels alot. For work apparently. However, I'm not going to dig too deep when she brings me home the jar of complimentary jelly beans from her room. These particular beans were from a Hilton in Watford which doesn't initially suggest class, but they do come in a jar. That's right, this is no plastic pot or bag, its a fancy jar with the Hilton logo on the lid. The beans are the big English variety rather than the small American type. They have a handful of different flavours:
Green=Lime, Pink=Strawberry
(I think), Black=Blackcurrant, Orange=Orange (duh), Red=Rasberry, Yellow=Lemon and some generic white flavour that I couldn't identify. Overall they're pretty bland apart from the rasberry flavour. Nice package, dull beans.


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