Saturday, April 15, 2006

Easter Mince Pies

Usually the preserve of Christmas, mince pies have some how snuck their way onto our springtime shelves under the guise of an Easter edition. I approached these with some trepidation, I mean, I love mince pies, but they really are part of a traditional Christmas for me. The pies claim to have the flavour of hot cross spices. Well I just had to find out if this was true.
They look like classic Mr Kipling mince pies, which is frankly no bad thing, although they do have a cross on the top to distinguish them from their yuletide counterparts. The pies taste pretty standard but there is a definate hint of hot cross spices in there. Not loads, but enough to make them different I suppose. This is a curious one because I like mince pies and I like hot cross spices, but really mince pies are something I look forward to at Christmas. It just seems wrong to eat them at Easter.


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