Monday, April 10, 2006

Raspberry Coca Cola

Another flavour of Coke is being trialed. This time it's Raspberry and it's only available from New Zealand. Apparently the Kiwi's have always been partial to raspberry in their coke, chucking in some cordial or mixing it with raspberry soda.
The can looks pretty standard with some mildly funked up graphics and a couple of Raspberries on it. It's not as nice looking as Coca Cola Blak but they get kudos for spelling flavour correctly.
So how does this one taste? Suprisingly good actually. To be honest I'm really not the biggest fan of Coke (unless it's supporting Jack Daniels) but this actually tastes like raspberry. Not just raspberry alongside Coke either, it has a nice blended taste to it.
It suffers from the usual problem that all Cokes have in that it's too fizzy and had me burping two seconds after sipping it. Nonetheless it was a nice enough to have me slurping at the dregs stuck in the reservoir on the top of the can. It's a shame they've discontinued it really.


At 1:42 PM, Anonymous Before you, there was me said...

Rasberry Coke sounds like a wonderful way to try and make Coke taste better. I suspect, though, that it would only be useful for washing down the remains of the dead horse you'd be flogging.


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