Friday, April 14, 2006

The Simpsons Easter Egg

Easter is here and that means chocolate eggs! I got a Simpsons egg with travel game.
So with Eastery eagerness, I tore open the pack to digest the goodies inside. I had high hopes as these are from the same people who brought us jelly fries. Opening up the actual egg, I was a little disappointed to see that there was nothing inside. No jellies, no mini chocolate balls, no nothing.

I took a bite and it's ok. It tastes a bit cheap, but nothing terribly unpalatable.
So, on to the real reason for getting this egg, the game. It describes itself as "a travel guessing game" and judging from the instructions on the back of the box, it's a variation of the game Guess Who with the Simpsons on it. You have to shuffle some quite fiddly small cards and then slide them into the board with one person taking centre stage at the front. Your opponent can see none of these and has to whittle down the field with questions like "Does he wear glasses?".
All entertaining enough, but I obviously can't gauge it's true fun factor without whipping it out on a long journey. I'm not going anywhere this Easter so it's possibly got some unfulfilled potential there.
It's an ok Easter egg. I feel cheated by the lack of jellies, which is strange because you get a travel game to compensate.
Possibly the bar was set so high when my parents bought me a Texan Easter egg many, many years ago. It came in a box that doubled as a saloon bar when empty. It had cardboard swing doors on it with which todays eggs don't seem to be able to compete.


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