Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Diet Coke Sango/Twizzler Strawz

It's yet another Coke variant and this time it's blood orange flavour. This can only be found on the shelves of Belgium and Luxembourg, and only as a diet variety (for now).
Being light, the can is silver with some unsuprising orange and red bubbles dancing up the Coke swirl. There is actually no indication that this is supposed to be blood orange...well...as far as my limited flemish translation skills would take me anyway. Maybe Sango means blood orange.
This is also the first flavour variant to be developed outside of Coca Cola's
Atlanta H.Q. and frankly it's not too good. It reminds me of the time my friend ordered orange juice and lemonade in a bar and was inadvertently served Coke and orange juice. It looked like dishwater and tasted just like Sango.
Twizzlers, however, are one of my favourite things and they've brought out some new ones called Strawz which are...uh...straws as well as Twizzlers. They're just giant, thick, strawberry flavoured Twizzlers with a hole running the length of it. I thought I'd see if if I could improve the Sango by supping it through one of these beasts.
Neither flavour particularly imposed itself on the other. The Sango remained untouched by strawberry and thankfully the Twizzler stayed Coke free. I'm not sure that it's advisable to drink Coke through a candy straw though.

Update: There's a guy from Belgium attending the same course as me and I asked him what Sango meant in Flemish/Belgiumese. He asked me to spell it, stared at me blankly and then just shook his head. Strange.


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It's all about the packaging.


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