Thursday, June 15, 2006

England Lucky Bag

I've got some more World Cup tat in the shape of an England Lucky Bag. I find Lucky bags to be somewhat hit and miss. The Simpsons variety , for example, are excellent. Inside you'll find jokes and pranks, good quality sweets, some stickers and maybe a lolly or something. The King Kong pack on the other hand consists of just masks and colouring books and is generally a bit disappointing. I appreciate that these things are meant for kids, but I'm reviewing them on my website and I'll say what I like. So ner.
With that childish outburst in mind let's take a look at what my national football team have to offer.
Opening the pack reveals an activity and poster book. 8 pages of simple puzzles and jokes which look mildly distracting. There's also a foam tic-tac-toe game with coloured footballs substituting for the noughts and crosses, a generic three colour sticker declaring "I love football", a lollipop, some reasonably pleasant jelly sweets and a strange white plastic/sticker combo called a Top Scorer.
Oh, and a multi-coloured pencil.
I didn't have anyone to play tic-tac-toe with so I had a go at a few things within the activity book and was very pleased with my design for a new football kit.
The Top Scorer turned out to be a pretty groovy expanding frisbee. It's just a plastic circle but when you throw it with any momentum it opens out and becomes a frisbee of sorts. I don't think the change of shape particularly adds to it's altitude, but it does look cool. Sort of like a Fisher Price ninja death star. I couldn't be bothered sticking on all the stickers though.
I have to say the Top Scorer raises this Lucky Bag to just above the King Kong bag, but way below the Simpsons. The stuff inside is clearly very generic and is being stuffed inside various national team bags around Europe just in time to cash in on the World Cup.


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