Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Fantastic Four Electronic Thing Feet

I wasn't overly enamored with the recent Fantastic Four film, but the minute I read about these wearable feet that make crashing and smashing sounds as you stomp around...well I just had to have them.
I didn't pick them up when Fantastic Four was all the...uh...rage, but I recently saw them on sale in T.K. Maxx and my heart leapt like no grown man's should upon seeing giant plastic feet.
The box is great. It's all feet.
There's a couple of bits around the edges letting you know that this is a Fantastic Four tie-in, but the bulk is taken up by a clear window showing off those big orange feet.
Once out of the box, they look even more awesome. They're huge. The box claims that they will only fit up to a man's size five, but these slipped over my size tens with no trouble.
And once they are on? It's clobberin' time. There is a vast array of destructive sounds emanating from your feet as you stomp around. I really can't do justice to the sound of glass smashing and concrete pounding that comes out of these. You really do start to feel a distinct "don't mess with me" attitude as you clomp around.
I decided to see if I could scare one of the numerous cats that we own with their awesome destructive power.
As you can see she is completely frozen with fear. Thing feet get a big tumbs up from me. They're huge and noisy. I dont know how any kid (big or small) can resist these.


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