Thursday, June 08, 2006

Mars/Believe Bar

The World Cup kicks off in Germany tommorow and England has worked itself into a lunatic frenzy. St. Georges flags hang from every available pole, aerial and car window. The talk around the water cooler is of metatarsal bones and robot dances. Of course, when the public imagination is caught like this someone, somewhere is wringing their hands and looking to fleece us of every bit of cash by association.
Mars, for instance, have changed the packaging on all of their bars from Mars to Believe. The notion being that if we believe that England can win (and presumably stuff our faces with chocolate bars that tie into that ethos), then win they will.
The new packaging is linked to a heavy marketing campaign involving an England fan singing that; "I believe that on July 9th in Berlin we will win". Good for him, because no one else does.
Check out the promotional website here.


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