Sunday, July 02, 2006

Bassett's Dessert Allsorts

Bassett's have been tinkering with licorice allsorts and trying to lure in those who detest licorice. The fruit allsorts that appeared about a year ago seemed to have filled that niche, but evidently not well enough, as Bassett's are having another crack at it.
The ones in this pack are based on a variety of desserts such as chocolate tart, lemon cheescake and summer fruit pudding.
Bertie Bassett takes up his usual spot on the front of the pack with a pile of allsorts in a dessert dish. A sign also proclaims that there is no licorice. It's not particularly imaginative, but Bassett's probably don't have to try too hard as they are pretty synonymous with any kind of allsort, licorice or otherwise.
The sweets themselves look like standard Bassett's except instead of licorice we have some brown toffee flavour stuff filling them out. They tasted for the most part very artificial and nothing like their dining table counterparts. The apple ones were especially nasty.
There has been a strange glut of dessert flavoured items appearing of late, and every one I have tried has been a miserable failure. Bassett's Dessert Allsorts join that list.


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