Saturday, July 01, 2006

Breakfast at Ed's Diner

There's a great little 50's style American diner just off of Old Compton Street in Soho, London and that's where I had breakfast this morning. My Wife and I had enjoyed a fairly raucous night out in town and fancied some maple syrup and pancakes to get our energy levels back up.
The diner looks great. The whole thing has as an authentic 50's vibe as someone who didn't live through the era can tell. Lots of chrome, gingham and signs imploring the patrons not to dance in aisles. Red vinyl stools line the counter where you eat and there are jukeboxes in front of you to browse whilst you mull over your food selection.
The whole place was also bedecked in balloons too, as today is Gay Pride and Soho is the starting point of the march.
I ordered the silver dollar haystack. Four pancakes, butter and Maple Syrup. The pancakes were done to perfection. Very light and fluffy. The last time I ordered pancakes for breakfast it was in an IHOP in New Jersey. These were easily their equal.
I washed it all down with a banana and coffee shake, which was also superb.
If you're anywhere near Soho one day, then check Ed's out. The place looks great, the staff are amazingly friendly and the food is great. I've also eaten burgers in there before and they are also worth having.


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