Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Free Water

The weather has been really hot today, pushing into the thirties (or nineties depending on your preference). I'm sure there maybe someone from Texas or New York reading this and thinking " what? It touches forty here". Well that maybe true, but England just isn't prepared for this kind of weather. Air conditioning is still something of a luxury and travelling on public transport is a horrible, sticky experience. The tube is to be particularly dreaded.
The company that's responsible for running London's tube network has applied a novel solution to the overbearing heat by giving out free water to travelle
rs. Marvellous. There's even a big blurb on the label about the regeneration and renewel of the system. No mention of air conditioning I notice.
I've no idea where the water inside was sourced. I just hope it wasn't from aquifers underneath King's Cross.


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