Saturday, July 22, 2006

Star Wars Pop Toppers

I found these Star Wars Pop Toppers in the bargain bin at Woolworths. They're an interesting idea, a large plastic head depicting a character from Star Wars (as you can see, I picked up Chewbacca, Yoda and Darth Vader) to protect your lollipop when you are bored of sucking it.
When I was a kid, you either ate the lolly in one go or you left it somewhere where it might get dirty, but ants and stray dogs couldn't make off with it. Keeping it for later was far more important than keeping it clean.
But todays kid's are a safe generation and keeping sweets free from dog licks and insects is probably a big sell to todays overprotective parents. There's even a large clip for attac
hing it to yourself, so you don't lose it.You can put any lollipop you like inside, but these come with a high quality Chupa Chup (all strawberry flavour). I don't know how much these retailed for before they ended up in the bargain bin, but the 54p I paid was great value. If you need to store a lolly somewhere, then a plastic Star Wars character head is as good a place as any.


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