Thursday, August 10, 2006

Fake Lego Riot Police

I was going to post about the limited edition Rolo milkshake that McDonalds are currently offering but they'd run out of shake mix in the one that I visited. So instead I picked up this fake Lego riot police car. There's probably no way that Lego would bring out riot coppers in their range so it's left to the bootleggers to fill that particular void.
On the back of the box it suggests that riot police are; "The conquerer of all violent a
nd terrorist events". Cool. Rather more alarmingly it says 45 pieces....45 pieces? That'll take me all night.

Getting the stuff out of the box didn't exactly make me feel any better, but I set about it with resolve. 5 minutes later I'd assembled something similar to what was on the box, although there were some extra bits conspicuously lying around afterwards. None the less it looked OK to me. The back of the box shows a couple of variations like a jeep and a pick-up truck but frankly, I wasn't in the mood to faff around with a perfectly reasonable looking police vehicle. I must admit that I'm not sure about that red beret that the figure is sporting though, it looks more reactionary rebel than servant of the state. Maybe he'll turn on me and stage a coup later on.

Within seconds of being built he'd rounded up some trash talking basketball players and arrested them for disturbing the peace. Pretty impressive for 99p.


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