Monday, August 28, 2006

Innocent Smoothie For Summer

I've got a couple of healthy posts for a change starting with the Innocent Smoothie for Summer. I'm already a fan of Innocent smoothies. Their drinks are generally just crushed fruit stuffed into a bottle and they have that Ben & Jerry's type of ethical quirkiness.
Innocent usually have a variety of short run flavours and this is the one for summer; cherries and strawberries. The bottle has a hand drawn lawnmower on it and declares that this is; "The perfect smoothie for summer, season of flip flops, freckles and rained off barbecues". There is also a small section of the label that tells you all about the world record for spitting cherry stones. All Innocent bottles have these strange facts on them and I have never read the same one twice. Impressive.
The drink itself is delicious. There is a strong taste of strawberries that is brightened by the addition of cherries. It's not quite summer in a bottle, but it's close.
There is nothing to fault here. Whimsical packaging (I'm always impressed when there is more to read than the contents on a label), natural ingredients and a moral conscience all add up to a fabulous drink. Get one today.


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