Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Mega Double Dare Dip & Lick Bubble Gum Filled Hot Chili Pop

I try a fair amount of odd stuff for this blog, but I generally steer clear of anything that I think will make me sick or looks as though it may irreparably damage my insides. Fortunately my colleague and occasional food daredevil, Chase has no such concern for his stomach's wellbeing and didn't even flinch at the thought of eating a hot chili pop.

The packet is red and yellow and a sombrero wearing chili pepper is waving a lolly and a pack of sherbert around on the front.
There is a tear coming out of his eye.
I was under no illusion that the contents of the pack were going to be hot.
Chase tore it open and took an investigative sniff; "Nothing too bad here" he said "It smells sweet". The colleague sat next to him took a sniff and suggested; "That smells wrong".

Chase dipped the lolly in and swirled some sherbert around his mouth. "It's alright. It's not all that hooo-o-o-o-o-t". His mouth suddenly formed a large O and strange noises started coming out of him. So it is hot. The curious colleague next to him took a dab. "It's not that bad...ooh, I dunno". The packet was passed around as Chase croaked; "It's still burning, man".

In a brazen display of machismo Chase then grabbed the bag and tipped half the contents into his mouth. Impressively, he then proceeded to describe the burning sensation in some detail, suggesting it had a character more like a jalapeno than mustard as it didn't burn your nostrils.
Once the mayhem had subsided a little, Chase then took the lolly to task and complained about the gum inside being of poor quality.
I honestly can't tell if Chase enjoyed this or not, but it was very entertaining to watch.


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thats Chase guy is hot


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