Monday, August 28, 2006

Rachel's Organic Mood Yoghurts

Rachel's Organic have released a range of yoghurts that are supposed to enhance your mood in an apparent response to consumer demand. I can be a bit up and down sometimes, so I figured these were worth a road test.
There are currently three moods available in the range; revitalising, refreshing and relaxing.
Last night I had the relaxing mood which was made up of plum, honey and lavender. It's a nice yoghurt and was I scraping around the tub for dregs in no time. As to it's relaxing qualities, I'm not so sure. I didn't feel any more relaxed than I already was. Mind you, I was watching Spike Lee's harrowing Hurricane Katrina documentary which probably didn't help.
I then tried the orange, lemon and ginger refreshing mood with my breakfast this morning. Again, the flavour of the yoghurt was excellent. The potentially overpowering ginger was kept to a minimum letting the citrus shine. However, my eyelids are drooping a little as I write this and I'm thinking of getting a cup of coffee in a minute.
Update: This morning (being the morning of the 29th), I tried the revitalising with my breakfast. The banana, blueberry and siberian ginseng was very tasty, but the yoghurt did nothing to brush away the excess of a long bank holiday weekend.
Overall the taste of these yoghurts was uniformly delicious, but they really didn't seem to do a great deal for my mood. Available only at Waitrose, these are worth grabbing if you're looking for a tasty yoghurt but perhaps not if you're feeling a bit crabby.


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