Thursday, September 14, 2006

Marks & Spencer Halloween Chocolates

A far more favourable indication that Autumn is upon us, is the appearance of Halloween tat in the shops. Anyone who knows me, will vouch for my love of Halloween. It's largely ignored in this country but it is picking up some momentum. Guy Fawkes night on November 5th is still top dog as far as Autumn celebrations go in the U.K. Nonetheless, Marks & Spencer have always been at the forefront of clogging up their shops with black and orange goodies and I immediately filled my basket once I saw stock on the shelves.
I picked up a chocolate witch and a chocolate mummy, classic Halloween characters, no doubt. I also bought a bag of chocolate pumpkins and some caramel filled chocolates with bats, cats and rats pictured on them. Most of these were actually available last year and the foil wrapping appears largely unchanged. You do get a plastic spider with the net of caramel chocolates which is new and appreciated (although probably not by my wife once I start behaving childishly with it, trying to scare her). Marks & Spencer are always one of my top stops for Halloween foodstuff and they haven't let me down this year. My only (very slight) grumble is that it is the same stuff that gets churned out each year. It would be nice to see something new occasionally.


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