Thursday, September 14, 2006

Starbucks' Skinny Stem Ginger Muffin

I dashed out of the house yesterday morning without eating any breakfast, so by the time I arrived at my destination I was famished. There was a Starbucks next to the tube station so I popped in for some sustenance.
Whilst browsing the pastries, I noticed that a few had been flagged as "New for Autumn". I suppose it is technically Autumn, but you wouldn't really know it. It's been so muggy and hot of late that most people are still strolling around in shorts and flip flops sipping frappuc
cinos.I ordered a skinny stem ginger muffin. I never particularly associated ginger with Autumn, but I'm open to fresh suggestions. The muffin was quite moist and the ginger wasn't overwhelming enough to blow your socks off. It filled the breakfast sized gap in my morning nutrition and I was reasonably satisfied with it.
There are other items in the range as you can see from the photo above, but I neglected to make a note of them. In fact I was in a bit of a dilemma about taking a picture of the pastry display. What would people think? Should I just boldly stroll up to the display and snap away? Or should I furtively take a shot from my table leaving people puzzled by the flash of light? I chickened out and went for the latter option.


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