Sunday, October 01, 2006

Marks & Spencer Trick or Treat Mini Biscuit Bag

After asking for something new from the Marks & Spencer Halloween range, I got something new. Someone high up in the company must read my blog.
These are small bags of chocolate covered scary shaped biscuits. They come in a suitably illustrated package which bears the same witch from the gums packet and a couple of bats.
You can clearly see what each biscuit is supposed to be. There's none of the "I think it's a lion" type stuff like you get with Animal Crackers. It's a skull, bat, ghost, pumpkin or witches hat and you'll not mistake it for anything else. They're pretty decent little biscuits and they taste a little bit shortbready. There is a decent covering of chocolate on each one too.
These come in multipacks of 6 ready for you to dish out to eager little hands on Halloween. Ideal.


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