Thursday, November 16, 2006

Another Trip To The Supermarket

Following on from my trip around a Danish supermarket earlier this year, I just had to blog about the veritable Aladdins cave that is the American supermarket.In the fresh juice aisle there is plenty of apple cider to be found. Now this stuff is not be confused with the cider that we Brits drink in the pub. This is non-alcoholic and is a rich apple juice. It's delicious when it's spiced and served hot.There was a pile of Pirates of the Caribbean cereal on the reduced to clear shelf. I didn't bother picking any up though.
This pack of M&M's Pumpkin Mix was still lurking in the candy aisle.I had to grease a few palms to get one can of Dr.Pepper fountain classics to the U.K. There's boxes and boxes of the things for only four dollars in this place.
It was no great suprise to see the awful Coca Cola Blak reduced in price. Blech.I was quite amazed by shelf upon shelf of pre packed eggs, ready to be poured into a pan or baking bowl. English supermarkets have numerous products for lazy consumers but I don't ever recall seeing ready made egg mix.
Christmas is, of course, just around the corner and there was a vast variety of Egg Nog ready for the holiday season.
Variety was the big thing for me in this supermarket. There was so much choice. There were multiple versions of pretty much every product in the shop. It was dizzying. This huge open-24-hours-a-day store was also according to my guide; "Only a small one". Tesco's have got a way to go yet.


At 10:45 PM, Blogger joanet said...

Nice trip, Scott

At 9:32 AM, Blogger Chase said...

Ah Haa, well Scott, when i worked in Safeways (dont tell anyone i have a rep to think of) they used to sell ready made egg mix for lazy people. Thing is the British public arent that lazy and prefer to do it themselves and the product didnt stay on the selves very long


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