Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Peeps Pumpkins

I arrived in the States just after Halloween and was subsequently able to pick up plenty of cheap Halloween stuff.
I'll start with these Peeps Pumpkins. Peeps are a brand of marshmallows that are rolled out in various guises to coincide with just about every holiday imaginable. The pack is merely a cardboard tray which only intrudes a little at the edges, the main window is all about the Peeps. I think this is an odd strategy, as they don't really look like pumpkins to me. They look more like orange Mickey Mouse heads. I would have thought that a pumpkin shape was something that it would be very hard to get wrong when making a mould. I must also confess that the bright orange colour doesn't make me go "Mmmmm...." either.
They taste of an artificial nothingness. It's a very strange flavour. I also don't think Peeps are as sweet as marshmallows in the U.K.
I'm so dissapointed, I was really looking forward to these and they're quite horrible.


At 11:44 AM, Blogger Larc said...

There is a school of thought that peeps are only good if they're stale.

Hope you had a good visit!


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