Thursday, December 28, 2006

Jones Soda Holiday Pack 2005

It's my 100th post on this blog and I've got something special. This is a Jones Soda Holiday Pack. Admittedly it's from 2005 but you have no idea how hard this was to obtain in the U.K. It's not readily available over here and the shipping costs from ebay sellers made in more expensive than gold. However, I frequented a skateboard shop in Essex that sold Jones Soda and happened to mention the Holiday Pack to the guy behind the counter and he said that the Jones Soda rep had been trying to fob them off on him but he didn't think there would be any interest. Isn't it strange how things just fall into place occasionally? For the princely sum of £25 (still overpriced) I got my mitts on one. This pack has been blogged to death, but not by a Brit, so this is a vaguely unique entry in the blogosphere. For the unitiated the Jones Soda Holiday Pack contains flavours that you may associate with a holiday meal. For example; turkey and gravy, smoked salmon pate, corn on the cob, broccoli casserole and pecan pie. I had some friends visiting so I decided to rope them into the fun.We started with the turkey and gravy flavour. It smelled like meat fat and it tasted like meat fat. It's like drinking the juices from the turkey tray. It's disgusting. My first reaction was to suppress a gag. My friends were all looking at me like they wanted to kill me after taking a sip. It even felt like it left a fatty coating on the inside of my mouth. It's the foulest thing to pass my lips ever!
Realising that nothing could be worse that the turkey and gravy we moved on to the brocolli casserole. It was a very sweet taste and I could detect no broccoli whatsover in there. That's not a grumble though, at least it wasn't repulsive.

The smoked salmon pate was passed over by myself as I really can't stand fish and my stomach was still weak from the turkey and gravy soda. Those that did drink it said that it tasted just like Skips, which is a brand of prawn cocktail flavoured crisps over here. I'm still not going to try it.
The corn on the cob proved to be a strange flavour, mixing a sweet, almost toffeeish, taste with salt. It definately smelt like corn and my friend Paul declared it; "better than the fish one."So, it was a relief to all when I passed around the last drink for sampling; pecan pie. At least this was pudding flavoured. The general consensous was that it was ok, if a little maple syrupish. As disgusting as it was, this was great fun. I'm glad I wasted so much money and effort getting hold of one. I'm not sure my friends are though.


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