Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas

What did you get for Christmas? Anything cool? I did!

My ideal car is a Dodge RAM Mega Cab. An impossibly huge truck that would stick out like a sore thumb on British roads. My Wife decided to pick me up a toy version (although this is the 1500, not the Mega Cab). It's very nice bar the outlandish colour scheme and the fact that it plays the Village Peoples camp classic Y.M.C.A. when you press one of the many sound buttons on it. This gift is possibly a slur on my masculinity, but I like it.
High on my list for Santa were the Weird N.J. books and he delivered.
Usually, I get loads of DVD's for Christmas (mainly because that's all I ever ask for) but this year it was down to only two; Miami Vice season two and the new Superman II release with Richard Donner's fabled cut of the film included. Superman II has always been my favourite of the series and I'm itching to see how it was originally intended to be seen before the studio took it from Donner and gave it to Richard Lester. That's my post dinner film sorted out.
These camouflage slippers will come in handy should I need to suddenly engage in armed combat at home. I'm a big fan of C.S.I. (every flavour) and my Wife bought me this board game. Even better than that though, attached to the front was a letter that informed me that she had enrolled me at the local college on a part time forensics course.I also got loads of small gifts, all of which I love. It's been a good Christmas to me, I hope it's a good one for you. Merry Christmas.


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