Saturday, April 08, 2006

Banana Twinkies

Look what came in the post this morning. Twinkies with banana flavoured filling, endorsed by King Kong himself. Such sticky wonderousness is here to remind us that King Kong is out on DVD. I suppose it makes sense to make things banana flavoured if you're doing a Kong tie-in although I never really pictured Kong as a banana eater as I figured they'd be too small and fiddly to peel.
The cakes themselves look exactly the same as a normal twinkie and even the cream inside is the standard white but they do have a pleasant banana flavour. I'd been led to believe that they tasted exactly the same as a normal twinkie, but they don't. The cream has a definate banana tang to it.
I quite like these, but I must confess I haven't had the urge to rush out and buy the DVD yet. There's ten in the box though, so there's still time. These are only available in the States so don't bother looking in Sainsburys.
There's also a promotional website for banana twinkies here.


At 5:56 PM, Anonymous Chazzel Tazzel said...

I can second the fact that they are tasty, all that creamy goodness in such a small treat, amazing


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