Friday, May 26, 2006

A Trip To The Supermarket

I visited a supermarket whilst in Copenhagen to pick up a couple of bits and naturally, I had to break the camera out when I saw a couple of things that I couldn't get elsewhere.

Kung Fu ice-cream. I did continually try to purchase a Kung Fu lolly although they didn't look the same as the ones on the boxes above. They were an ice-cream centre with crispy licorice coating. That's right licorice. They go mad for the stuff in Europe. Unfortunately events conspired against me and I never did get one.

In the cereal aisle I found the supermarket own-brand Choco Spooks. They looked fairly non-descript really. Just chocolate shaped ghosts. There was a comic strip on the back featuring a ghost, but I struggled to follow the plot as it was all in Danish. Tsk.

Finally we have Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Superman wafers. As a rule, the Danes don't seem to have succumbed to the same tie-in mania we have in England and these were almost the sole nod to any kind of franchise pimping in the whole store.


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