Monday, May 08, 2006

Chocolate Duff Beer Can

The weather has been miserable today, so I decided to look in the clearance chocolate bin at Alldays on the way home. I found a treasure too, a chocolate Duff beer can.
This bar is from Kinnerton, the same fine people who brought us jelly fries and The Simpsons Easter egg.
The packaging is fairly straightforward, showing off the hand decorated chocolate inside with only a woo-hooing Homer really intruding.
The chocolate can itself does look first rate. It's a good approximation of a beer can right down to the ring pull. I'm not entirely sure about the
hand decorated claim though, it's all too neat. Perhaps someone switched on the machine in the morning and that passes for "hand decorating".
When I finally bit into it I wasn't expecting much, because a) it was in the half-price bin and b) the Easter egg I ate was a little nasty. However, this bar is quite pleasing. Nice creamy milk chocolate thats a million miles away from the bitterness of the egg. I can't help wondering about all those colouring chemicals I'm consuming though.


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