Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Hubba Bubba Duo

These intriguing packs contain only one piece of bubble gum. It's banana flavoured with a creamy chocolate center. I quite like the colours on the packet and the notion of buying a single piece of gum makes me believe that this will be some kind of super deluxe gastronomic treat.
I popped one into my mouth and began chewing away. The banana flavour began strongly and then blended nicely with the chocolate. It's quite delicious and smooth. The chocolate begins to ebb away shortly after you've begun chewing, which seem to be fairly common for these stuff-in-the-middle bubble gums. However, on the upside the banana flavour has staggering consistency. I've been chewing away for around ten minutes and the flavour is more or less the same as when I originally bit down on it. It doesn't blow a very good bubble though.


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