Sunday, August 27, 2006

Pop Rocks Roller

Ahhh...Pop Rocks...a source of great childish amusement and fodder for many an urban myth. Perhaps feeling threatened by Mento's as the instant Coke fizzer of choice these days, Pop Rocks have started appearing with a variety of novelty add ons, in this case a candy roller.
You have a pot of Pop Rocks in a mock paint tin container and some stripy candy posing on a plastic handle as a paint roller.
You get an generous amount of Pop Rocks which explode like crazy in your mouth although the popping sensation doesn't last as long as higher quality Pop Rocks. They also got stuck together in the tin very, very quickly making it difficult to get them out with just the roller. The roller itself doesn't actually roll either, it's fixed in a static position and you can't get the whole thing in the tin, just the end. Overall, it's a nice idea cheaply executed.


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