Sunday, August 27, 2006

Kellogg's Smorz

The campfire treat whittled down to a breakfast cereal? This should be interesting.
Smorz or rather s'mores traditionally consist of two graham crackers, marshmallows and chocolate. The marshmallow is heated over a campfire and when it is sufficiently gooey, stuck between the graham crackers with the chocolate. The heat from the marshmallow should then melt the chocolate, thus creating a s'more. This is generally an American treat, so I'd never really had one until a few years ago. I've got a Hershey s'mores maker that I brought back from the States stashed somewhere too.

There is an Ice Age 2 tie-in on the box where you get a frisbee with characters from the film on it. Unfortunately you have to send off four coupons and be a resident of the U.S.A. to qualify. Bah! One day....
The cereal itself is made from grahams and is coated in chocolate. There is also a generous helping of marshmallows thrown in to help create that s'more authenticity. Does it work though?
Frankly, no, these do not taste anything like a s'more. It's unsuprising though, when you consider the effort required for a real s'more; build campfire, cook marshmallow for 5 mins, stick in graham crackers and eat as opposed to; pour in bowl, add milk, and eat.
It is pretty good cereal though. It has nice chocolate taste that isn't too overpowering and it's not too sweet. I'd eat it again.
Here's a link to a recipe for s'mores. It shouldn't be too hard to recreate a s'more round an English campfire as I saw graham crackers in Waitrose yesterday.


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