Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Cherry Vanilla Dr Pepper

It's not just Coke that fiddles around with their flavours. Dr Pepper has rolled out a splash of cherry with a hint of vanilla. This new taste is being marketed under the banner of soda fountain classics in the hope of bringing back memories of the 1950's.
It's a nice looking can with a cherry sat in the Dr Pepper logo and plenty of yellow in the trim to emphasise the vanilla. The drink itself doesn't taste spectacularly cherryish, but I did catch the vanilla in there. I didn't feel particularly nostalgic for the '50's either but then I was sat in front of a PC typing this.
Interestingly, whilst I was Googling around for some extra info, I discovered that some people drink Dr Pepper hot. You just boil it up in saucepan and pour it over a slice of lemon. Of more interest to me though, was that fact that you can get Cherry Vanilla Dr Pepper in 21 ounce "football" bottle which has a surface that resembles the texture of a football. I want one of those.


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